PUBLISHED           The Odd Profession of Jeremy Scratch A quirky dark novel of an assassin of mass murderers.
                                The Little Black Book and Other Stories Eclectic collection of stories that are autobiographical in nature.
                                 Scratch on the Stoop Memories of the author growing up in a bifurcated world of NYC street gangs and the bluebloods, artists, and writers of the Hamptons.
                                Chronicle of Construction of a Shingle Style Manor House Journal of the complexities of erecting a system-built shingle style home.
                               Shadow Over the Island Screenplay and production of docudrama broadcast by stations in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut.
                              East End Magazine Staff Writer Feature articles, including book and theater reviews “Kin Craft and the Sea” that examines Men's Lives, by Peter Matthiessen.
                              Southampton Press Numerous articles featuring stories of local personalities and reviews of local theater.
                              Billboard Magazine Full-time writer of reviews and profiles of entertainers and copy for Billboard’s in house advertising agency Think Ink.
                              Dans Papers Staff Writer Created the original famous hoax Hamptons Subway System that ran weekly for fifteen years.

EDUCATION        Master of Arts,   Communication Arts in Writing New York Institute of Technology Dean's List - 4.00 QPA.
                             Bachelor of Science Cultural Studies Writing State University of New York.

AWARDS            Suffolk County Motion Picture and TV Commission Shadow Over the Island at the Suffolk County Film and Video Festival.
                           John J. Theobald Award Labor and Industrial Relations  -  Shadow Over the Island.

INTERVIEWS    WPKN Radio Spalding Gray and Ronin Stanchfield discuss the use of theatre as communication techniques for community and political action.
                          WBAI Radio Stanchfield discusses the High Flux Beam Reactor at Brookhaven National Laboratory as Vice Chair of Suffolk County Environmental Task Force.
                          WNBC Television Today Show with Jane Pauley. Problems of Nuclear Power.

REFERENCE Peter Hetzel, Architect. 202.686.9213 Coeditor of The Architecture of the City, by Leon Krier.