Here’s my proposal: 

          I want your stories! 

      You don’t have to create the narrative; I’ll do that. You describe an event, or a strange notion that weighs on you. I need the following: who, what, where, when, and why the story took place. Also desired is anything else that makes the story. I'll run with your idea and we will produce a story.

  I’ll take the picture you paint and will work to draft it into a short story. Give me the essentials. We will share the credits. I'll compile the short stories.

  We can do one, two or up to twenty stories together. After every twenty stories are written I will submit our work to my publisher. Between us, you will earn 25% royalties and your name will be featured with mine on the story title.

     More, if the story idea sounds like we could make a novel, we can do that as well.