1. Dominick Scalia killed seventy people and, when he went to take a bath one night, Scratch knew where he lived. Dominick now sleeps with his prey. Matteo DiNardo assassinated people with bombs — one hundred and seven of them, to be exact. He’s staying at a Hyatt Hotel in Orlando in room 345. Guess who’s twirling nun chucks in room 346?

2.  Maybe that is the undying hope I have: that the world will change, that people will understand that as they have had the hubris to steal and mishandle the earth and its peoples for selfish pride, that they have also shown great compassion. My hope is that compassion will rule, and Mother Nature will hear the tones of passion and allow the people to repair their misdeeds.

3.  This is a Free Sample of a complete long Short Story. The story is both a part of the novel The Odd Profession of Jeremy Scratch and yet only part of the story was in the novel. Confused? But of course.. It was designed that way.

1. The Odd Profession of Jeremy Scratch

2. The Little Black Book and Other Stories

3. The Complex Replication of Lady Teal