The Odd Profession of Jeremy Scratch. Will be out in August or September.

          When it comes to murder, serial killers know they have a big advantage. What the serial killers don’t know… Jeremy Scratch knows where they live.
          Dominick Scalia killed seventy people and, when he went to take a bath one night, Scratch knew where he lived. Dominick now sleeps with his prey.
           Matteo DiNardo assassinated people with bombs — one hundred and seven of them, to be exact. He’s staying at a Hyatt Hotel in Orlando in room 345. Guess who’s twirling nun chucks in room 346?

          The Little Black Book and Other Stories is a book of short stories. Ronin Stanchfield wrote some of these stories 25 years ago.
          They include 'It Was Clarke Smith’s Fault', 'Pity the Dots', 'A Yuletide Gift to Father', and 'The Parable of the Poodle, Parakeet, and the Ill-tempered Peacock'.
          Recent stories include 'Pen Pals and Prisoners', 'My Close Proximity to Mark Twain' and 'The Replication of Lady Teal'.