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This was a fun read, filled with derring-do. A page turner for sure!"

Jan MoorehouseA Swashbuckling Tale, Action-Packed

Stanchfield, you truly are a compelling storyteller. Loved the Southampton references. For me it made the reading a bit personal, not to mention the August 31 date. One question - did Scratch murder Radji?"

Marylin T. KelleyClose Friend

The author’s voice is captivating as he developed the characters and storyline. The book is captivating!"

KaityThe book is captivating!

I enjoyed the read. It was compelling. The story was poignant. Along the way, you experience the protagonist fighting for what he believes in., Jeremy Scratch does it in what is his turbulent world. Not much different from our current climate. Doors open for some people and they talk about it. Others like Scratch walk through doors as if it is what's supposed to happen. He even walks through doors that you or I would walk away. Scratch’s life force is his Chi. His Chi allows him to flow to deal with the obstacles during the journey. His old friend Tunji from Africa, weaves in and out of the story. He is fighting for his own cause. Is he a friend or an enemy? If he is a friend, can their friendship withstand the turbulence? And who is Dada? Who is she? You experience the story as it twists and turns its way through the fast-paced complex life of Jeremy Scratch. This means diamonds, caskets, and felons. Scratch is a criminal, crusader, entrepreneur, or a little of each. Scratch and Dada travel the world of excitement. As the story comes together tension builds to an unexpected explosive climax."

Marvin SchildOthers like Scratch walk through doors as if it is what's supposed to happen.

I had the opportunity to read this amazing novel about the life of Jeremy Scratch and be entertained as Scratch’s adventures unfolded. This well written book by R. J. Stanchfield held my attention and I couldn’t wait to see what was next for Scratch. The martial arts that Scratch learned at an early age and his much above average intelligence would play a key role in his thrilling adventures. Scratch went from a young man from a small town to a doctor in NYC. His small act of kindness in the big city was hugely rewarded and would set the stage for this amazing thriller. Of course, there is always a girl involved. I enjoyed it immensely. I give it Five Stars"

Mel HendricksAwesome read by R. J. Stanchfield

Follow the Life Adventures of Jeremy Scratch The Odd Profession of Jeremy Scratch" by R. J. Stanchfield caught my attention. I hadn't read a fiction book in 25 years, but the title was interesting, because I once knew someone by the name of Scratch. The first chapter laid the groundwork for what would be coming into the life of a young man who would later pursue his ambitions and profession. From the adventures as a young boy to the day he left home for college and how a few chance encounters along the way would impact the rest of his life. The first of these encounters happened on his very first day away from home when he met a mysterious young French woman on the way to the train station. She would come in and out of his life like the reader could only hope. Then there was the peculiar fellow student from South Africa and the stranger who had fallen on the ice on the streets of the city. All of these encounters seemed incidental at the time, but would eventually play a significant role in the future of Jeremy Scratch and how it led him to a life of international intrigue."

Paul BusbyI once knew someone by the name of Scratch.

“The Odd Profession’ is oddly compelling and damn near impossible to put down. Weaving seamlessly across decades, continents, and the imagination, it’s a roller coaster ride without the cheap thrills, an abstract yet human novel that asks the hard questions - and arrives at some most unexpected answers."

Tom CalahanGreat Read!

The author is a fantastic storyteller, all the characters were very interesting. Book was very hard to put down and enjoyable to read."

Michael JovanovicFantastic Storyteller

Adventures of the unusual life of Jeremy Scratch. Outstanding, full of intrigue and suspense. Excellent build up with many interesting characters that culminates with a surprise ending. R.J. Stanchfield is a masterful storyteller that will keep you turning the pages. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and highly recommend it to everyone."

John FrazerExciting Adventure

This book captivated my interest from the beginning, perfect characters that intertwined from youth into adulthood, and then the professions and their way of life was superbly illustrated and combined until the end of the story - well done - also, this is the first book I have read for a while, so so glad it wet my appetite for reading - thank you very much, Scratch..."

Maryann ThumbsVery Entertaining From The First Page - Great

The author is a superb storyteller. This is the best book I have read by him so far. The characters and storyline kept me captivated to the end. I'm anxiously awaiting the next book."

Frank MartinFun Reading

Having only read the prologue and on that alone this book is a definite 5 star. The author's ability to entice readers with his wordsmithing alone is amazing...I'm intrigued by the Silk Road, buying dead bodies;, going back to Poland and feeling the DANGER! This is 1976!"

Felicia WoodyINTRIGUING!

RJ Stanchfield's latest book is a page turner. Well written and fascinating. The story very original and intriguing. If you pick this one up you won't want to put it down. Highly recommended!"

Kris LeClaireRead This Book!

From the start you realize that Scratch is not any ordinary young boy. The story of his life and the people he meets along the way make for a great story that will keep you wondering how it will all end."

SharonKeeps you interested till the very end

This is a fast paced thriller with great story telling. The characters are fleshed out, and highly compelling. Great book."

LarryA very compelling read.

Amazon Customer Quirky, Original, Intelligent, well written and above all very entertaining. Not to mention the author, more please."

LyleVerified Purchase

The Odd Profession Of Jeremy Scratch - Talk about a wild and strange ride. Beginning with his unusual childhood adventures to his globe trotting adult adventures Jeremy Scratch is one interesting person. He is not a perfect man but he more than makes up for his shortcomings with his generosity, friendship and fierce loyalty. All in all an excellent read. I recommend this product."

StonylonesomeLaughed Out Loud

I was captivated from the very first page. This is a very hard book to put down. RJ Stanchfeld is a masterful storyteller. The storyline is very unusual and carries you to places you wouldn't dare. Buy it , you won't regret it."

Tom PoolA Five Star page turner

Let me start by saying that I am not one to leave a book review, in fact, this is my first. But the hype around this book was unquestionable and, admittedly made me eager to get my hands on it. It was recommended to me by multiple friends and acquaintances, and boy am I glad I listened. With all the craziness in the world these days, I needed an extraordinary distraction, and "The Odd Profession of Jeremy Scratch" gave me that much-needed ride. Loved it! I want to sample some more books by this fine author so safe to say I highly recommend you give it a read."

Paul LemieuxAn Extraordinary Distraction to a Confused World

Wow. What a book!! I've never been a fiction-book lover. I was turned on to this book by a friend. There are so many twists & turns in this book. The character of Scratch is very well developed through different places & times. Very fascinating and attention to detail. Great read & I highly recommend this book."

HornswaggleThe Odd Profession of Jeremy Scratch

I have been reading Ron's stories for years! I haven't found a story/book of his that didn't grab your attention from the very first line. You're invested through each of his characters, the rich details of every scene, the well crafted story line.... And this book is one of his very best. This is the best book I have read by him so far. The characters and story line kept me captivated to the end. I'm anxiously awaiting the next book."

Kindle CustomerAn Amazing Story Teller

The Little 'Black Book...' spoke to me personally in a way that made the book compelling. I think it would affect most readers the same way. I'm delighted I came across it. Enjoy."

Abu ben AdamI'm delighted I came across it

The prologue takes the reader to the Mongolia area around 1976 and the story winds its way to the American West, New York, Romania and other lesser known regions of the world. While reading, one awaits the next colorful, "odd" character to appear. College professors with an agenda lead to spying, murder and mayhem. A good read if you like a well written, unusual adventure. Captivating and strangely fascinating."

Jersey Red

If you're looking for a story that is different from the mainstream spy fiction, "The Odd Profession of Jeremy Scratch" by Ronin J. Stanchfield is the book to pick up and delve into the story taking place in New York City, where corrupt organizations and traitors lurk in the shadows. The political and racial entanglements grip you with its sense of realism and daunting possibility, almost reflecting the happenings occurring in our world. Jeremy Scratch, the protagonist, is good and bad, which showcases that humans are neither entirely and morally good nor evil. People inherent both traits. His compelling character reveals that the choices we make for ourselves can determine who we are as individuals. Although his profession is odd, he stands out."

M.M.Compelling and Unique

If you are tired of reading fiction that is a based on a theme that has been written on ad nauseum, you’re in for a treat. You’ve never read a book like Ron Stanchfield’s The Odd Profession of Jeremy Scratch. Scratch is a multi-talented phenomenon, a bit of a mystery. Is he a good guy or a monster? You get to decide. And what is this odd profession? That’s for you to discover. A delightful read. Recommended."

Harlan HagueA New Theme in Fiction

From his school boy adventures to his adult endeavors, Scratch is always on the go. His chosen profession leads him to meet and befriend an eclectic group of people that are almost as interesting as the man himself. A wild ride, and a very good read."

Joe NelsIt was amazing

If you like fiction this is a must read. The concept is very original. The characters are very well developed and the plot is cohesive. If you give this book forty pages.....you will not put it down. This book was recommended to me by several friends. After several months of procrastinating I finally read it in two days..............I'm glad I did. I want to read more from this author."

Chuck CoxThis is a Must Read

Reviewed in the United States on February 5, 2020 The Little Black Book and Other Stories Enchanting stories. My goodness, I was captivated by “The Replication of Lady Teal” and I couldn’t stop laughing at “It Was Clarke Smith’s Fault.” The different characters are originally odd and the stories catch you off guard. The chilling “Strange Fruit” reminded me that we have a long way to go. Wonderful reading! Reviewed in the United States on October 15, 2020 The Odd Profession of Jeremy Scratch Grabs you in and holds you until the final page A story of kindness, murder, criminal activities, science fiction(??) and love; RJ Stanchfield sure has a wealth of knowledge about so many things, so many people, so many locations. Some subject matter seems different and unworldly however Stanchfield makes you believe. Enjoy!"

Deborah W.Easy, Fun and Captivating Reads

I first got to know Ron Stanchfield when he came out as a whistleblower of the Shoreham nuclear power plant, where he had worked, and exposed how it was a disaster-waiting-to-happen. Stanchfield's words, in the newspaper accounts I wrote as an investigative reporter, in my book Power Crazy, and in sworn public testimony he gave were important in stopping that nuclear plant from going into commercial operation, sparing Long Island and the rest of the New York Metropolitan Area and beyond from catastrophe --- and ending the utility's scheme to build up to ten more nuclear power plants on Long Island. His The Little Black Book and Other Stories contain the same honesty and courage of Ron, the whistleblower. He's an authentic and extraordinary straight-shooter."

Karl GrossmanFull Professor of Journalism

Ron Stanchfield has been on the inside of places many of us hear about superficially but never get or take the opportunity to experience. Go climb within the frightening towers of a corruptly ‘inspected’ nuclear plant via a confrontation between a threatening man and vulnerable woman, or undergo vicariously the dehumanizing kill-mentality marine bootcamp training at Parris Island. Perhaps you might appreciate the life-sustaining lessons for the children of the father in the title-story Little Black Book? Rewarding and insightful. Places where you might want to venture, now that Stanchfield has provided the literary avenue to journey you there."

Dr. Conrad MillerStanchfield has provided the literary avenue to journey you there.

The memories of a man who lived more in his lifetime than most. His words inspire me to think through my own memories. A thought provoking read to say the least. Enjoyed every tale!"

Carlene IversonThe Little Black Book and Other Stories

A fascinating series of personal anecdotes including very important recollections re working with nuclear reactors and also the radicalization of a conscripted military man"

Dr. Helen Caldicott"The Earth is in the Intensive Care Unit"